Welcome to the XTERRA Laguna Beach Triathlon Home Page.

Hello all! Thank you for your interest in the event photos. We appreciate all who have already found their way here and have made purchases as your support is greatly appreciated!

We do appologize for the delay in emailing you all, but we only received your info to contact and notify of photos from Gemini TIming on the 1st of October.

Thank you for your patience!

*** On a side note, there is much effort on my part to capture unique & dramatic images of the race. Unfortunately, someone put a damper on my ability to get great bike shots at the top of the park for you & Generic Events. If anyone witnessed a vehicle running into a bike on a bike rack near Transition I would greatly appreciate this info as this person did not acknowledge their mistake & thus damaged my front wheel preventing me from getting to the top of the park for those bike shots. Please email me at [email protected] with any information that would help in leading us to this individual.